4-H enrollment deadline is approaching

XENIA — Greene County 4-H enrollment deadline is Friday, March 1.

A non-formal educational program for youth ages 5-19, 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the United States. While nearly 6 million young people are involved in this organization, now is the time to join, according to OSU Extension, Greene County educators.

“Youth have many opportunities to learn fun things such as animals, computers, public speaking, cooking, art, robotics, gardening, STEM, natural resources, to name a few. Learning is conducted through hands-on experiences while youth are in a positive environment to enhance leadership skills,” said Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development Rebecca Supinger, OSU Extension, Greene County.

Parents and youth can visit projectcentral.ohio4h.org to see the more than 200 different available projects and read reviews.

“Give 4-H a try!” Supinger said. “Youth can participate in one of the many 4-H community clubs available in Greene County.”

Individuals interested in joining 4-H or looking for more information can contact the OSU Extension Office at 937-372-9971.