Bellbrook schools still among the best

By Scott Halasz - [email protected]

BELLBROOK — Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools was once again among the best in the region according to its report card released by the state last week.

After earning an A on last year’s report card, the district received a B this year likely due to lower grades in a couple of the report card components. Only one Dayton area district (Oakwood) received an A.

“Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools has a long tradition of excellence,” Superintendent Dr. Doug Cozad said. “We look at and examine our results and celebrate our successes and always look for areas of improvement; however, the report card is just one area of assessment that we look at. We utilize other standardized tests and in-class assessments to really drive our instruction. Additionally, the report card only looks at the academic performance on one test on one day and we know success in schools is much more complex than that.”

Bellbrook-Sugarcreek received A’s in graduation rate and gap closing, B’s in achievement and progress, and C’s in prepared for success and K-3 literacy. All grades were the same except for the prepared for success, which was a B last year, and the K-3 literacy, which was not scored last year due to the low number of students being off-track.

The achievement component represents whether student performance on state tests met established thresholds and how well students performed on tests overall. The performance index measures the test results of every student, not just those who score proficient or higher. Indicators met measures the percent of students who have passed state tests. Bellbrook received B’s in both of those with nearly identical percentages as last year.

Gap closing shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for the “most vulnerable populations of students” in English language arts, math and graduation. It also measures how well schools are teaching English learners to become proficient in English. Annual measurable objectives compare the performance of each student group to the expected performance goals for that group to determine if gaps exist. Bellbrook met 93.8 percent this year after meeting 100 percent last year.

The progress component looks closely at the growth that all students are making based on their past performances. A C indicates the expected growth while a higher or lower grade indicates more or less growth respectively. There are four subgroups that help make up the grade. Overall received a B, while gifted students received an A, and students in the lowest 20 percent in achievement and student with disabilities each received a C. Last year the group grades were B, A, A, and A respectively.

K-3 literacy improvement category looks at how successful the school is at improving at-risk K-3 readers. This area primarily measures the growth and progress of struggling kids. Of the 131 who started off track, 42 percent (60) moved to off track. However, 100 percent of third graders met the requirement to move to fourth grade.

Bellbrook’s four-year grad rate was 94.2 percent, while its five-year rate was 97.7 percent. The four year was down 2.2 percent, while the five year was down .9 percent.

The prepared for success component looks at how well prepared Ohio’s students are for future opportunities. Points are earned for each student who earns ACT/SAT remediation-free scores, an honors diploma, or 12 points through an industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in one of 13 high-demand career fields. Bonus points are available for scoring well on advance placement or international baccalaureate tests or earns at least three college credit plus credits. The total points are divided by the number of graduates. The percentage correlates to a letter grade.

To give a more complete report of the district, officials have created a quality profile, available at and will be mailed to district residents in the coming weeks. A report card presentation will take place at the Thursday, Oct. 10 board meeting, Cozad said.

By Scott Halasz

[email protected]

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.