Greeneview district sets reopening plan

By Scott Halasz - [email protected]

JAMESTOWN — Greeneview schools will offer in-person and remote learning options beginning Tuesday, Aug. 25.

The board of education last week approved the amended school calendar and reopening plan that will be in place.

Students choosing the in-person model will be in their building each day, unless the state of the COVID-19 pandemic causes the district to shut down the district, a building, or individual classrooms. At that point the district could implement 50 percent blended learning, or 100 percent virtual learning.

If 50 percent blended learning is enacted, half the students will attend Tuesday and Thursday and the other half will attend Wednesday and Friday. Monday will be utilized as a virtual learning day for students. Remediation, intervention, and enrichment opportunities may be scheduled for specific groups of students on Mondays.

Unless covered by an exception recognized by the Ohio Department of Health, staff, teachers and assistants will be required to wear a mask or face shield at all times, especially when working one-on-one with students or when circulating around the room, according to the district’s plan. Staff members will not be required to wear a mask while working alone in their classroom, office, or work stations.

All students in grades K-12 must wear face coverings while on a school district bus, in the hallways and common areas of school buildings, and while working in close proximity to other students and staff in the classroom. Students may remove their face coverings, if they choose, while seated in the classroom and socially distanced.

Students in grades 5-12 will clean their desks and seats at the conclusion of each class.

Wellness checks are required before students and visitors travel to the buildings and staff will check student temperatures upon their arrival to school in homeroom classes.

Other enhanced safety features include:

— Drinking fountains are shut off and students should carry a water bottle with them. Bottle fillers have been installed in buildings.

— Staggered entry-times have been established for drop-off and bus students.

— Students should wear a mask or face shield while on the bus. Students without face coverings may be denied transportation.

— Appropriate physical distancing is recommended at all times.

— Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building, specifically in high-traffic areas, and staff members will provide opportunities to access hand-washing stations regularly throughout the day.

Students who choose the online option will use an online curriculum and platform designed by an outside company that specializes in virtual learning. The online curriculum will meet the same standards as the Greeneview Local Schools curriculum, but it will not necessarily match the same pacing or activities that are delivered in school buildings.

Students will not come to a school building for instruction and will not be in the same classes or have the same teachers as students participating in the in-person option.

Students will have access to courses in all core areas (English language arts, mathematics, sciences, and social studies) but students in grades 7-12 will not have access to their full schedule as planned this past spring. For example: students will not have access to performance-based electives (band, choir, art, etc.).

Students and teachers will participate in virtual check-in meetings designed to support student course progress and provide opportunities for students to connect with each other.

If state or local regulations require a school closure, students participating in this option will continue as scheduled, and will continue to use the online curriculum and platform.

Students may continue to participate in after-school activities at their school building, including extra-curricular activities.

Whichever option students choose, they must commit to that for an entire semester.

By Scott Halasz

[email protected]

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.