XENIA — Chris Reed was recently recognized with the Xenia Police Division’s highest honor, the Casey Elliott Memorial “City’s Finest” Award.

The award was named after C.K. Elliott, who joined the Xenia Police Division as a patrol officer in 1943. He became police captain and then acting police chief. Two days after retiring, Elliott served as bailiff in Municipal Court. His career serving the citizens of Xenia totaled 35 years and the Ohio Senate passed a resolution calling Elliott a “truly outstanding Ohioan.”

The award was set up by the Elliott family in recognition of police officers who distinguish themselves through an outstanding accomplishment, bravery or humanitarian service in police work.

Reed was recognized for his years of law enforcement service, including his nine years with the Xenia Police Division. He is a 2006 graduate of Xenia High School and Sinclair College’s Police Academy. He serves as a field training officer, a member of the Crash Response Team, a member of the SWAT team, and recently became a certified drone pilot and member of the Special Technology Unit. Reed has received various awards with the police division, including the Life Saving Award, Distinguished Service Award, and Silver Shield Award.

Reed also received the Distinguished Service Award for an act which resulted in a significant risk to his life.

Xenia Police Division also awarded more than 35 commendations: Reed, Communications Operator Patricia Balonier, Officer Ellyn Board, Officer Jacob Burrell, Sergeant Matt Cvitkovich, Officer David Elliott, Sergeant Lon Etchison, Officer Rudy Jones, Officer Rob Kelley, Officer Ryan Linnell, Officer Dean Margioras, Officer Jackie Masur, Detective Matt Miller, Detective Jeff Moore, Officer Zach Moore, Officer Allie Mumpower, Officer Philip Pierson, Communications Operator Heather Pitstick, Communications Operator Lacey Reed, Officer Chad Roelker, Officer Noah Sebastinas, Officer Chad Shelley, Officer Daniel Smith, Officer Ezekiel Smith, Detective Rob Swihart, Officer Tony Vitale, Officer Pat Walsh, and Officer Terry Zoerb.

Tele-communicator of the Year was awarded to Heather Walden for always going above and beyond in her role as a communications operator.

Leadership Awards were awarded to Roelker, Sergeant Jeff Osburn, and Communications Director Mindy Lane for their continued outstanding leadership within the organization.

The Silver Shield Commendation was awarded to Linnell for the highest level of overall patrol operations within the Patrol Section.

The Meritorious Service Award was awarded to Sebastinas, Shelley, Pierson, Walsh, Vitale, and Officer Jarrod Cecil for an act which involved saving a life.