‘Creek Township trustees facing challenge

By Scott Halasz - [email protected]

BEAVERCREEK TOWNSHIP — The two Beavercreek Township trustees up for re-election in November are facing a challenge.

Joseph Jenkins is taking on incumbents Tom Kretz and Debborah Wallace for one of two open seats.

Jenkins said he is running because he could “do a better job at educating our community along with being the voice of the people.”

A township resident since 2015, Jenkins and his wife bought a 62-acre farm in the township last November and since moving have become more involved in township affairs.

Jenkins said U.S. 35, and certain areas in the waterways need additional attention.

“Also, I want to make sure that I protect our wetlands from being developed on,” he said. “I would like to see more family amenities brought to the township.”

One of his specific goals is educating the community.

“Since I begin running for trustee, I’ve met so many people that have no idea what a trustee is or does,” Jenkins said. “That’s a problem. We need to get more involved and educate our community. I’m big on communication and I really believe I can bridge any gaps between political officers and citizens of this great township. I am the voice of the people and will make sure no person goes unheard. I want to make sure that we are not just thinking about issues for today but future generations.”

Kretz has been a trustee since 2014 and believes this election is the “most important” election in the last 25 years for residents of the city and township.

“Since I was elected as trustee, I led the charge to end deficit spending of the general fund, cut $800,000 in wasteful spending, saved taxpayers $3,000,000 in township healthcare costs, increased the township’s interest earnings on carry-over funds from $31,000 for the three years prior to my taking office to over $650,000 since I took office, reducing the need to increase or add new taxes, saved taxpayers over $300,000 on township vehicles/fleet management, helped negotiate more than 30 shared service agreements saving taxpayers over $9,000,000 dollars,” Kretz said.

He said the two most pressing issues for the township are responsible management of the “booming residential development” in the unincorporated portion of the township, and improving safety and reducing congestion at the U.S. 35 intersections at Factory Road, Orchard Lane, and Trebein Road.

“The City of Beavercreek has experienced rapid commercial development,” Kretz said. “The unincorporated portion of the township is a highly desirable place for new home construction. As such, I am focused on ensuring that Beavercreek Township maintains it’s “township feel,” meaning preserve the “touch of rural” while providing modern amenities that residents want.”

If re-elected, Kretz said some goals are to “continue advocating for taxpayers, hold local government to a higher, private sector standard of excellence, keep the budget in check, (and) continue being an excellent steward of tax pay dollars … ”

Wallace said she is seeking re-election because there are still several items “I want to see accomplished as a trustee.”

Agenda items include “pushing hard” to get the state and county to finish U.S. 35, and keeping mindful of resident concerns about expanded growth in the township. Wallace said she worked hard with Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission to be a “high number on the TRAC (Transportation Review Advisory Council) list for projects in Beavercreek.”

“How it affects our schools, streets, drainage issues, but allowing farmers to sell their farms to developers,” Wallace said.

She wants to work on creating good land use but creating a minimal impact on current homes and neighborhoods by pushing for planned unit developments (PUDs) rather than a straight zoning change.

“Having been on Beavercreek City Zoning and Planning Commission, I feel I bring experience to the township to help create housing developments that everyone can be proud of,” she said.

In addition, Wallace wants to make sure the fire department stays in compliance with all accreditation efforts.

By Scott Halasz

[email protected]

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.