WSU sells unused department equipment

Submitted photo It is located at 091 Allyn Hall on WSU’s campus.

Submitted photo It is located at 091 Allyn Hall on WSU’s campus.

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FAIRBORN — Excess and Surplus Property Management (ESPM) is a hidden gem on Wright State’s campus, selling lightly used furniture, supplies, computers and other items at a low cost. Located in 091 Allyn Hall, ESPM is a little-known place of discounted items that many students walk past nearly every day.

Items sold at ESPM vary from binders to computers, from chairs and desks to cabinets and bookshelves.

ESPM is a “great value. It’s cheap and has good deals,” said Yousef Mohamad, an international graduate student who purchased several computers. “It’s good stuff that we need and could use at home.”

“I encourage especially international students to come here,” he said. “At Goodwill, a computer costs about $135. I bought it here for $40.

ESPM was established to provide a means of legally disposing of university property no longer needed by campus departments. ESPM is part of the Division of Business and Finance and run by the Materials Management department.

Departments are encouraged to visit ESPM to purchase new supplies, furniture or other items to reutilize items and save money.

Advertised by word of mouth, ESPM has served students, faculty, campus departments, alumni and even non-Wright-State-affiliates for approximately 30 years.

“There are regular customers that walk through here all the time,” said Chris Felts, materials management manager at ESPM.

Unique items sold include a test flight simulator and an item from the geology department that sold for $30,000 to a man in Tennessee, Felts said.

“You just never know what’s going to come down here and be surplussed,” said Tom Fortener, ESPM accounting clerk. “There’s been some strange School of Medicine stuff sold here.”

The most popular donated items are computers, computer monitors and chairs. The items that don’t fit in ESPM are placed in the hallway outside 091 Allyn Hall. Donated computers are usually quality items donated from Computing and Telecommunications Services, which updates its computer labs every five years.

“A friend told me they sell things for ridiculously low prices and that I should come here,” said Reggie Ballard, a Wright State junior studying computer science on his third visit to ESPM. “I think it’s awesome. … You can buy things you wouldn’t expect to be here. As a college student, you can find computers for low prices.”

ESPM is opened by scheduled appointment and from 1 to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays.

ESPM sells approximately 815 donated items a week. Items sell fast. Within 45 days after receipt of the property, ESPM will dispose of all items in the most advantageous way to the university.

Helping international students is what Rick Gatton, now retired from materials management, enjoyed the most. “I enjoy working here with the students,” he said. “We sell items to avoid it going into the environment. Everything needs a home.”

Submitted photo It is located at 091 Allyn Hall on WSU’s campus.×293.jpgSubmitted photo It is located at 091 Allyn Hall on WSU’s campus.

Stort courtesy of Sarah Olsen of Wright State University.

Stort courtesy of Sarah Olsen of Wright State University.