An overdue repair job

By Sandra Sheridan

Psalm 19:12-13 “Who can discern his errors? Acquit me from hidden faults. Also keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins; Let them not rule over me; Then I will be blameless and I shall be acquitted of great transgression.”

Most of the time when we are doing something wrong we know it! Just passing a county sheriff parked along the side of the road reminds me that I have a tendency to drive too fast, especially when I’m late. But other times there are things we do wrong that we don’t even realize. Certain attitudes and thought processes become so ingrained that they seem natural. Unless they are exposed they will continue on unnoticed by the perpetrator.

We have been having our house’s siding replaced. We didn’t realize how overdue our remodeling was until our contractor removed the old siding. Underneath were rotting boards that had been deteriorating from exposure to wind and weather. No wonder the house was losing a lot of heat in the dead of winter! Thankfully, our talented carpenter/handyman is correcting this problem (Thank you, Ryan Stover!).

For those who want to live holy lives it is crucial that they regularly ask God to reveal any hidden sins that lurk underneath their heart’s siding. Sin, like mold growing in the dark, needs a bright light to expose it or it will continue to decay our character, control our lives, and keep us from being productive for the Lord.

One of the most prevalent sins is the sin of pride. This arrogance of the heart rears its ugly head in many different forms and is very deceptive. It breeds a false confidence that does not see a need for God in every area of life.

Pride can cause us to question God’s ways and wisdom when we don’t understand our circumstances. It keeps us from heeding the gentle prodding of the Holy Spirit and assures us that our way is best. Pride will stir up strife even amongst friends as we argue consistently that our ideas are best. Pride tempts us to cast blame on others for our own failures or find excuses that keep us from taking responsibility for our own decisions.

Each of these symptoms can become a way of life that becomes so natural that we can’t discern the root of the problem threatening to enslave us. No wonder pride is one of the seven things God hates (Proverbs 6:16-17). But there is an answer to this sometimes hidden sin.

The wise Christ follower will spend a few moments every day calling upon the Lord to shine His light into the deep recesses of his heart. He will acknowledge the things God reveals under the siding and ask Him to replace any vestige of pride with a godly humility. It may be painful at first as He rips away the moldy and rotting boards, but afterward you will experience warm peace and forgiveness that has no equal.

I am looking forward to a much warmer winter this year. When the snow begins to fall we will be snuggled inside our newly refurbished home with better insulation and new siding. The decaying boards will be gone with new ones in their place.

I don’t want to be caught off guard again, so I am asking you all to keep a watch on our new siding for any holes or damage and report them immediately. I am also encouraging you to daily ask God to search your heart for any hidden sins because these can be even more destructive than water damage decaying boards under the house siding. — Love, Mama

By Sandra Sheridan

Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her letters to her children with our readers. Visit her at

Sandra Sheridan is a Midwest wife and mother of five. She shares her letters to her children with our readers. Visit her at