How many can we have?

By Charlie Huff

What are you talking about, Charlie? How many what?

It’s something that so many people are looking for, but something that you can’t hold in your hand. It’s friendship! Do you have lots of friends that you enjoy having around? Do you have a true friend that you can go to and share anything that’s on your heart and know they can be trusted?

The Bible tells us that Jesus had friends and His closest friends were His disciples. One of those may have been His best friend and his name was John—the Disciple that Jesus Loved. We’ve all had friends that turned out to not be true friends at all. We all need a true friend, someone to just listen to us, maybe even to wipe away our tears.

The truth is that tears are good. In Psalm126:5-6 it tells what tears can do. They can make you shout with joy even while crying. I am one who cries a lot and when I get to crying real hard, I get loud and full of joy. That may not make sense to a lot of people, but it’s true. A true friend will share your joys and sorrow, your laughter and tears.

Jesus had friends that left Him and some who even deceived Him. But we all need a true friend and we can all be a true friend—a faithful friend to lean on. There is so much hurt and evil in our world today. I have tried to be a true friend and to help many in my lifetime. The older we get, the more we should want to help someone through this crazy world by being someone they can trust and talk to. People don’t need phonies or frauds, they need a true friend.

You can bring a smile to people’s face when they know you are the real deal. Smiles, hugs, laughter, dancing, and special times together make us happy and our troubles seem to be gone for a moment. But there is a joy that Jesus gives that does not depend on happiness and the circumstances of this world cannot destroy that joy. The ones that don’t like what I write or talk about don’t bother me. Jesus is my example and he had many naysayers around Him too. But Jesus loved them anyway and He loves you.

Most people don’t want to be around someone who is negative and always complaining. If we decide to be positive in every situation, we can make a better world. We are all created in the image of a holy and good Creator. This was not supposed to be a mad, sad, crazy world. But if we remember our time on this earth is not long, especially compared to eternity, then we can decide that we will not be unhappy, mad, uncomfortable and negative.

I thank God for my life. Some have asked me, “Charlie, would you do it all over again, knowing what you know now?” My answer is yes! No one knows what lies in front of them and we cannot change the past, but we can live one day at a time and be a help to others along the way. I have no complaints with life. My past has been forgiven and I’m on a new road, the right road, the Way to Heaven. I write to help someone through life and I write because it helps me too.

What are we here for? Ask the One who created you for a purpose and who made a way for you to get to Heaven. Ask Jesus; He will tell you all about it!

By Charlie Huff

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and a guest religion columnist.

Charlie Huff is a Greene County resident and a guest religion columnist.