Global outreach teams make big impact

CEDARVILLE — Since graduation weekend in May through mid-August, Cedarville University Global Outreach summer mission teams have been ministering and sharing the Gospel worldwide.

There were two domestic teams and 23 international teams, with a total of 14 faculty and staff members and 171 students. Teams ministered in countries such as Malaysia, India, Bolivia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico and Haiti.

A Cedarville orchestra team ministered in Italy. Many previously unreached people attended a concert and heard the message of the Gospel.

The women’s soccer team served in Costa Rica through soccer matches and sharing the Gospel afterward with opposing teams.

“After our game with the University of Costa Rica, we shared a meal with their team at a missionary’s house,” commented Jocelyn Quirple, captain of the women’s soccer team. “Our goalkeeper shared her testimony through a translator. Praise the Lord that one of their team members was saved, and many of the other girls were asking questions. The coach of that team shared his testimony as well. This was a huge development because his team did not know he was a believer.”

“Whatever we do, whether that be sports, orchestra, medical aid, engineering or vacation Bible schools, we strive to help the local host missionary in advancing the Gospel,” said Brian Nester, director of global outreach. “The teams are able to use their God-given talents to serve others, which provides a unique avenue for the Gospel to be shared. I’ve been here 24 years, and every year we receive more invitations for mission trips, and every year we try to sharpen and improve our mission work.”