Three seeking two Xenia Township spots

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XENIA TOWNSHIP — Voters in Xenia Township have their choice of three candidates for two open trustee spots in the Tuesday, Nov. 7 election.

Incumbents Scott W. Miller and Susan Spradlin are seeking re-election, while Roy R. Colbrunn is looking to be elected for the first time.

In a questionnaire sent to candidates, Colbrunn, a retired firefighter from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, said protecting homeowner’s rights and preventing annexation are important issues. Miller also cited annexation as a major problem in the township and said the trustees and need to with the Ohio Township Association to give townships a strong voice in the annexation process.

Roy R. Colbrunn

Question 1 – Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I am a dedicated husband, father and grandfather in our community. I worship and sing in the choir at my church. This is my fourth year as a member of the Pinecrest Board of Directors. My fiscal experience is relied on as Treasurer for the Xenia Twp Fire and Community Assoc. While serving the Xenia Township Fire Department for 19 years I was an instructor and mentor for the members of the department and a trusted leader in the command staff. I am a trained and certified mediator and negotiator. I’m a retired firefighter from WPAFB.

I currently represent all federal firefighters across the United States with a specialty in Worker’s Comp issues. I serve on a national level policy committee for all emergency medical providers. I am a FEMA Grant reviewer which provides me with a unique skillset to assist department heads in seeking grants. For most of my life I have been, and continue to be a problem solver. As a firefighter, I answered your 911 call on the worst day of your life with the expectation to fix whatever fire or medical issue you were having. I want to continue solving problems for you as your trustee.”

Question 2 – What is he most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer for this issue?

“Protecting homeowner’s rights must be a priority. All three candidates have stated we are against annexation. I believe that annexation erodes the rural feel of Xenia Township. It also enables a city to push industry and businesses into our backyards while they collect revenues and taxes that would need to be fairly allocated to our township for those services we provide. While we currently have developed great partnerships with our neighbors, we cannot sit idly by and watch our communities consumed by balloon annexation.

Property owners should be allowed to utilize their property in ways they choose as long as it does not interfere with or harm neighboring properties or the environment. This is a balancing act which requires clear rules and understanding of the zoning ordinances. Annexation takes your voice out of the hands of your elected officials leaving those ordinances and rules protecting your property to be changed or eliminated by city officials. As your trustee, I would continue the aggressive fight against annexation.”

Scott W. Miller

Q1 – “Experience and dedication … I have been involved with public safety since high school graduation. Starting with Beavercreek Fire Department as a volunteer, until I was hired by Xenia Fire Division. I enjoyed working with a terrific team of people and had opportunities to receive training and provided training in several aspects of emergency management. Although I’m no longer on the front lines so to speak, I’m aware of current methods and technology for emergency operations.

Keeping in touch with neighboring townships and political entities to work together on common projects that would have benefits for Xenia Township. Also, having worked with our engineering business, I’m familiar with dealing with establishing and following budgets, creating goals and expectations for projects and personnel. In Xenia Township we have a good hard-working group of people that work well for the citizens of Xenia Township. Knowledge of the Xenia Township and the surrounding communities, fire and road department operations, conservative budget goals. Always looking for ways to reduce costs either in-house, collaborating with other jurisdictions, or grant availability. So, I ask for and would appreciate your vote as a Trustee for Xenia Township.”

Q2 –“Deterioration of Xenia Township by annexation from Xenia and Fairborn are the greatest problems for our township by far. These annexations lead to further loss of tax base for the township, which in turn will create a heavier burden on taxpayers when Levies are needed in maintaining service such as Fire, EMS and Roads. These challenges need to continue to be meet strongly by the township and work with the Ohio Township Association to give townships a strong voice in the annexation process by working with the State Legislature to revamp annexation laws to give a fair balance for all parties involved.”

Susan Spradlin

Questionnaire not returned.



By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.