Three competing for two spots in Spring Valley Township

By Scott Halasz -




SPRING VALLEY TOWNSHIP — Two incumbents and one challenger are seeking two spots on the Spring Valley Township board of trustees.

John K. DeWine and Paul J. Martin are seeking re-election, while Dennis Hurley is challenging for one of the spots. Martin was previously appointed to a term that expires Dec. 31.

In a questionnaire sent to candidates, Hurley said working with residents is an important issue, while Martin said overcoming the loss of state funding dollars is a principle issue.

John K. DeWine

Question 1 – Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I’m a businessman with 32 years business experience and over 24 years local Spring Valley government experience.”

Question 2 – What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters to this issue?

“Number one, maintain our rural identity.”

Dennis Hurley

Q1 – “I feel being a life-long resident of Spring Valley, serving as mayor of the village for 16 years (1980-1996). Also a charter member of the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce. I was also on the fire department for 15 years. I have a great free for our residents in the township. Having experience working with the county and state officials on many occasions during my time as mayor.”

Q2 – “Being able to work with residents concerns to being able to resolve them in a timely manner. Be up front for the decisions made by the trustees.”

Paul J. Martin

Q1 – “Being part of the Spring Valley community for almost 20 years, I have grown to appreciate the many things this community has to offer. Since being appointed to the trustee position almost a year ago, I have gained a great deal of experience in township operations and procedures. I want to be the trustee that lives in the rural part of the township and works to maintain that aspect of the Spring Valley identity while also working for the needs and benefit of those who live within the village.

Having acquired 34 years of coaching teaching/leadership experience within the Centerville School District, I believe I have the necessary experience to operate and develop the services and greenspace that Spring Valley has to offer (i.e.garnering more attention and usage out of Walton Park). Given recent budgetary concerns with diminishing state funding, I am confident that my experience as the President of the State of Ohio’s Occupational Work Experience Coordinator’s Association has prepared me to approach these issues with great prudence, appropriately balance the township budget, and preserve the essential services provided to our citizens. I am wholly committed to our township, and wish to see it thrive.”

Q2 – “I believe that the principal issue that this township faces is the substantial reduction of funding from the state. Subsequent to a diminished budget, public services need to be immediately addressed, and instituting a budget that preserves these services is my primary goal. As an employee of the township of Spring Valley, it is my obligation to its citizens to protect the services for which they are paying.

To be more specific, I intend to maintain the following: fire and sheriff protection, roads, senior center, parks, and cemeteries. In order to preserve these services, I intend to address budgetary concerns by diligently seeking grants from federal, state, and even private institutions. I will employ creative solutions to sustain services and budget such as suggesting vendor events to generate an additional stream of revenue for the township.”



By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.