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CEDARVILLE TOWNSHIP — Four candidates are running for two spots on the Cedarville Township Board of Trustees, including one incumbent Nov. 7.

Kent Campbell, a current trustee whose term expires in December, has also been a member on the Greene County Regional Planning Board for 30 years and chairman for 15 years, as well as president of the Greene County Farm Bureau. He was named to its Hall of Fame in 2016. Campbell is a farmer owns Kent’s Feed Barn.

Chris Reese, a graduate of Cedarville University, works as the university’s associate athletic director for events and facilities. His experience includes serving on collegiate athletic administration since 1994, as well as coaching collegiate and high school men’s basketball.

Doug Swaim has worked and served in Cedarville Township for 25 years. He has served on various boards including the Board of Zoning Appeals for Cedarville Township, Southwest Landmark, Trupointe Cooperative, Sunrise Cooperative. He has also volunteered as a part of Cedarville Athletic Boosters.

Dick Walker, who served as a township trustee in 2012-13, is vying for a seat on the board again. A Navy veteran, Walker as worked at Cedarville University for 42 years. He has printed and distributed the Intersection 42/72 Newsletter for more than four years, promoting local businesses and events.

Candidates returned the following answers.

Kent Campbell

Question 1 – Why are you the right candidate for this seat?

“I have been a township trustee for many years and have a wealth of knowledge about the workings of the trustees, including maintaining a balanced budget while providing essential services to the community. I have been very active in the county trustee association and the Greene County Regional planning board. This helps us make good decisions for land use in the township. I stay current with the legislation that affects townships and have built very positive relationships with several of our elected officials. These relationships allow us to voice our concerns where they can be addressed.”

Question 2 – What is the most important issue facing this office going forward and what solutions do you have to offer voters for this issue?

“I feel economic development while dealing with diminishing state revenues and maintaining essential services is one of the most important issues. We must keep moving forward and that means change—productive change that benefits the township. Economic development would most likely be in the high tech field. Most of the surrounding land in the township is agricultural and I see no changes in the near future, although additional housing is needed. We always need to be aware of other possibilities for land use including the options of wind and solar energy. This means our policies need to be proactive and futuristic.

Although state revenues are diminishing we have always managed to maintain a balanced budget. We provide for the needs of the fire department, maintain the township roads, and maintain the cemeteries. I will continue to work diligently to continue to balance the budget while providing for the essential services and safety needs our township has grown accustomed to having.”

Chris Reese

Q1 – “Cedarville Township located in Eastern Greene County is a special place inhabited by wonderful people. Running for Township Trustee gives me the opportunity to continue to keep Cedarville a special place! I want to keep the legacy of living in a community that prioritizes the safety and welfare of its citizens as a priority. My extended family is the fourth generation to live in this great community and my immediate family and I are blessed to live in Cedarville Township.”

Q2 – “If elected it will be important to maintain and improve the quality services that the Township Trustees offer the community. It will be important to listen and serve those who work and serve on our fire department and those who maintain our roads and cemeteries. Just as important it will be vital to listen and care about issues that concern those who live in our community.”

Doug Swaim

Q1 – “For the last 25 years, I have worked and served in Cedarville Township. I have had the privilege of serving on various boards: Southwest Landmark 2003-2010; Trupointe Cooperative 2011-2015 serving as Vice Chairman; Sunrise Cooperative 2016-present, serving as Asst. Secretary; Served on the Board of Zoning Appeals for Cedarville Township and volunteered on Cedarville Athletic Boosters for 8 years, serving as president for two years. I believe managing our farming operation and being engaged in our community has prepared me to deal with the issues our rural community faces. Also, I believe the board experience I have gained has given me the ability to listen to differing opinions and work toward a decision that will benefit the majority of the community.”

Q2 – “Currently, the biggest problem facing Cedarville Township is the replacement of the firehouse floor. The trustees will make decisions to replace the floor while continuing to be financially responsible with taxpayer dollars. Also, I would work to maintain the high quality EMS, fire and road maintenance services that our township currently provides for our local and neighboring communities. I would work with and learn from the current trustees concerning other issues the township faces.”

Dick Walker

Q1 – “I have been an active member of Cedarville community for 47 years and I am seeking ways to continue to contribute to Cedarville. I am active in supporting/promoting the village programs and businesses. I have printed/distributed the Intersection 42/72 coffee news for over four years. This paper is an ad sheet for local businesses and promotes area activities. Stories include village history, personal interest, business stories, school programs and more. Attending and helping with community, school, and university events/programs has helped me connect with many in the township.”

Q1 – Most important issues: Continuing careful planning and choices with limited financial resources. We have an outstanding Volunteer Fire Department and staff that takes care of cemeteries, roads and other township property. We need to take care to provide them the resources to do their work and the appropriate compensation for their quality work.

We need to work with the village council, the school board, county commissioners and others to identify needs and opportunities that can enhance what Cedarville has to offer. Certainly a strong relationship with Cedarville University is important, given their growth and footprint in the village. Keeping current on trends in land use that might apply to the township will be needed.”


By Anna Bolton


Contact Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.

Contact Anna Bolton at 937-502-4498.