Letters to the editor

Coalition supports bond issue


The Greene County Health Coalition, a team of organizations promoting the general health of the community, officially endorses the Xenia Community Schools’ bond levy that will be on the May 2 ballot.

This bond issue would allow the school district to build a combined middle and high school building that follows the ideals of the Health Coalition itself: To improve and maintain the well-being of the community at large.

This modern building would address several much-needed issues, concerns, and advantages for everyone in the community: advanced learning; updated infrastructure; state guideline and legal requirements; modern technology improvements; health and safety; and student body population.

The schools would allow students access to advanced learning in several subjects, and classrooms would be larger to accommodate today’s educational needs and technological advances. Updated infrastructure lends itself to new plumbing, electrical systems, heating ventilation, and fire suppression systems.

Health and safety matters will be made up-to date, too. The facility would offer not only several sports fields but tennis courts and bike path access, as well. An updated security system would be installed with more cameras and sensors on doors. Other upgrades would include private bathrooms and elevators for ADA accessibility.

With the school district seeing a rise in student body population (more than 200 each year), this 21st century facility would provide a progressive, safe, and comfortable learning environment.

We wholeheartedly endorse the bond issue for Xenia Community Schools’, and ask that the community please do the same on May 2.

— Liza Martin, Greene County Health Coalition

School bond issue makes sense


Passing the Xenia Community Schools Bond Issue makes economic sense. Approval of the issue will provide funding for a new middle and high school to replace our current outdated buildings. These old buildings cannot be kept in repair without costing two thirds of the amount of constructing new buildings. It also makes sense to take advantage of the state’s offer to provide more that $28 million in funding.

The Xenia Community Schools have made great progress in fiscal responsibility, added curriculum choices, increased enrollment and graduation rates, and transparency with the community. In order for students to have the best advantage in finding good jobs post-graduation, having safe, efficient and right-sized facilities is crucial.

For these reasons, the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously endorses the bond issue for the Xenia Community Schools and urges you to vote yes for it on May 2.

— Kraig Hagler, XACC Board Chair