Letters to the Editor

Xenia kids deserve best


There are so many valid reasons to support the Xenia School Levy on May 2. There is the financial benefit of passing the levy now and receiving $28.8 million in matching funds. Additional financial benefit will be the reduced maintenance cost for the new buildings. There is also the personal financial benefit of increased property values because our community has excellent schools. Then there’s the priceless benefit of added protection for our children because every school building will be new and designed for optimum safety. And, because every building will have access to cutting edge technology in the classrooms, our students will have the most advanced learning opportunities available.

Any one of these reasons is enough in itself to win your support for this levy. But, the most important reason of all is that the children of Xenia deserve the best schools possible. It’s that simple.

Our kids deserve the best. Please remember this when you vote on May 2. Make sure our children get what they deserve. Please vote Yes!

— Janis James, Xenia Township

New schools critical for Xenia


As small business owners, we are consistently called upon to meet new requirements, ensure our employees are capable of understanding new regulations and new technology, and have the ability to problem solve quickly. As our business continues to grow, we look at hiring employees with excellent problem-solving skills that have the ability to adapt to new processes and new technology.

The best employees are those with a firm educational foundation, one which helps them continue to learn and adapt quickly, and to understand new technology. The key is strong primary and secondary education. We are blessed to have many Xenia High School graduates as our employees, and want to continue that proud tradition.

Much as our business must adapt to changing conditions, so to do our schools. Modern education requires modern technology, and modern technology requires a much different infrastructure than the schools built in the 1960s and 1970s can handle. We also want to ensure our students learn in schools that are safe, secure and adaptable to meet new programs and requirements.

Xenia Community Schools Board of Education is requesting approval of a bond issue May 2 that will allow our community to build a new middle school and high school complex. We firmly believe these new schools are critical to the future of our community and will help our businesses to continue to thrive for years. Please vote yes May 2.

— Jane and Brian Newton, Xenia

Education vital to city economy


The Economic Development Advisory Board of the City of Xenia works t0 promote the economic vitality of Xenia, making recommendations on policies and programs to improve our business climate and ensure that all of our citizens will have an opportunity t0 find good jobs. This includes not only working age adults but also the future of our community — children.

The EDAB believes that supporting education, ensuring our children are prepared to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing business environment and adapting to new technology is more critical than ever. We also realize that the proper environment and facilities are needed.

In the early 60’s and 70’s our school facilities were built to support learning using slide rulers, typewriters, libraries with card catalogs for research, and student learning which was regimented and limited by classroom walls. In 2016 through community engagement and working with teachers and staff, parents, the State 0f Ohio, and architects, the district chose to proceed with a combined middle and high school building with middle school students and high school students in separate wings and shared spaces between to eliminate duplicating costly mechanical systems, increase curriculum options, give younger students greater access to advanced courses, and expand opportunities for staff collaboration and resource sharing.

The district has a bond issue on the ballot that will allow them t0 build the complex at the corner of U.S. 35 and S.R. 42. Not only will this be designed to meet the educational and technology needs of students, but it will be more efficient, and provide better access and greater opportunities for our children.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission did an assessment and recommended that both buildings be replaced because of the extent and cost of building issues. OSFC estimated the cost would be 72 percent the cost of building new schools, and has offered to pay more than $28 million, contingent upon the passage of a bond issue.

The members of EDAB voted unanimously to support the bond issue May 2. EDAB endorses this, recognizing the importance of education to the overall economic health of Xenia.

Dr. Edgar Wallace, chair, Xenia Economic Development Advisory Board