Letter to the Editor


Repeal of Deppartment of Labor attempting to force the “independent- broker” concept‎ for conservative retirement income is necessary to save democracy and life insurance industry. This, of course needs explanation.

Department of Labor uses its power to help nationalize‎ insurance products authorized traditionally by state insurance departments. Efforts of Senator Warren, former Dept. of Labor, Ramsey, Orman, Fisher monopolies are to force mutual companies to be shareholder, not policyholder controlled.

Right now Communist China ‎is trying to finalize a long term insurer.

Over years this has came up from idea 151a, had been defeated because. Fixed life insurance and annuities ‎are no risk compared to stock market or variable products.

‎Read more, submit opinions to Congress to repeal a great “evil.”

Devised to take away centuries old “non fudicuary ‎form” of business. State departments of insurance reserves are in most cases 10 times the safety than investment securities, banks or any risky stock investment.

The commissions over a 7 or 10 year period on a fixed indexed annuity is actually less, with less volatility than ‎securities.

Also, independent agents can represent many insurance carriers ran than only one security firm. ‎Life insurance is affected indirectly because some Senators listen/ read opinions of talk shows that term insurance is only form of insurance to be legally sold!

— Jeff Flora, Bath Township