GOP Senate: Bovine scatology

The failure of the Republican Senate majority (at least on paper) to write and pass legislation.

To repeal and replace Obamacare is not only pathetic, but also highly dangerous. Whom or what will be the forthcoming to fill this void?

For seven year, the GOP in the House and Senate said: Elect us to a majority control and a Republican president and we will repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market-oriented healthcare industry which will provide individual freedom of choice, lower costs, and improve the quality of healthcare in America. Well— the American people did their job in this regard, as did the House.

The GOP Senate talked tough and big and hence the title of this epic— “Bovine Scatology.” General Norman Schwazkopf applied that term to bogus information, i.e., “BS”! He got it right. The GOP Senate snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

If the Senate dares to take their usual August recess for “R and R” and God knows what else, that overpaid, pampered bunch of illustrious “public servants” (that’s a laugh) only add to their tarnished credibility. Murphy’s Law seems to be in full operation via the U.S. Senate: “anything that can go wrong— WILL go wrong.”

Rumor has it that Murphy was an optimist.

“We the people” can only hope that some courage and common sense will be forthcoming in the aftermath of this debacle. President Reagan had it spot-on: “Trust but verify.” That was the environment in which he and Gorbachev met and negotiated and— it was fully successful.

Hope springs eternal. Let us look forward to better days on this entire situation. It would be great to have these comments made null and void by the GOP keeping it’s word in the Senate. I’m not giving up on this. Forget the politics. The Senate has a duty to serve America— not ignore her people.

God Bless America.