Letter to the Editor

Serving all the people


While Trump has added dangerous extremes of self-serving, impulsive childishness, his domestic policy follows long term Republican strategy.

GOP economic policy has long been driven by trickle down (tax breaks for the wealthy) theory which is rejected by virtually all economists. 99.94 percent of working economists opposed it in the Reagonomics period. Democrats support policies which will strengthen and expand the middle class.

Trump and the Republicans deny that global warming is increased by human activity and seek to weaken EPA rules. Trump has withdrawn us from the Paris accords torpedoing essential international cooperation.

Republicans call Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” and promise to cut benefits, citing funding shortfalls. Democrats have stopped GOP attempts to privatize Social Security and to turn Medicare into a voucher program. Shortfalls for both programs are easily solved by raising the salary cap.

In 2006 Republicans passed the Medicare D drug plan which prohibits negotiating drug prices. Immediately after its passage, several GOP advocates resigned to take high paying positions in the drug industry. Republicans continue to protect that no-negotiate provision which takes $16 billion from Medicare funds annually.

Democrat Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), is protecting consumers by forcing short, clear, and honest agreements with financial corporations. Trump and the GOP want to close the CFPB without any valid criticisms.

The 2017 GOP health care bill passed in the House removes $800 billion in taxes on the wealthy and effectively removes the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to buy affordable health insurance. The CBO says that 23 million people would lose their insurance. They should fix the minor problems in Obamacare and look to enhanced Medicare for All as the long term solution.

The Citizens United decision by the right-wing Supreme Court has opened the flood gates for PAC money supporting GOP campaigns. An astounding $60 million was spent against Ted Strickland in 2016.

Our government, under Republican control, does not serve the general population or our nation. Hopefully, more people will study the issues and vote in our nation’s interest.

— Bill Conner, Beavercreek