Letters to the editor

Tax write-offs


Fellow Fairbornites, we have a lot of empty buildings in Fairborn. While there are several reasons for this, one in particular may surprise you.

Did you know that large companies use empty buildings as tax write-offs? Its true. And what they do is make outrageous demands for space so that no one will rent them. So the overhead is nonexistent and they get money (tax breaks) for having empty stores. This is great for the company’s who own the buildings, but it stinks for us the citizens of Fairborn.

Did you know that the current tax “reform” plan coming out of Washington does NOTHING to rid us of this stone around our necks?

There is only one plan that does. And that is the FairTax HR25/S18. That is why (among other reasons), every single citizen in Fairborn should support the FairTax. Lets make it a better option to keep those buildings in use rather than leave them empty.

Become a FairTax warrior and join our fight at www.fairtax.org. Its not only better for Fairborn, its better for ALL America!

— Frank Gilbert, Fairborn

Vote for Beavercreek Schools


As CFO/Treasurer for Beavercreek City Schools, I want to assure the community of the great care taken in handling the finances of Beavercreek City Schools evidenced by our “auditor of State Award with Distinction for clean and accurate record-keeping – which are the foundation for good government, and the taxpayers can take pride in our commitment to accountability.”

My responsibility is to oversee district funds to make sure we are fiscally stable and accountable to our taxpayers. We are transparent and financial records are always open to review. It is also my responsibility to make sure our students and staff have the things they need to make our school district great.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, we can choose to maintain our strong schools with a levy that won’t raise taxes. Beavercreek City Schools is known for outstanding, committed, and caring staff members who maintain high expectations and provide a quality education for students.

Issue 17 will not raise taxes. Issue 17 maintains current service-levels and ensures fiscal stability. Issue 17 is a permanent levy that allows for growth from new residential and commercial construction.

Don’t forget to vote on Nov. 7.

— Penny Rucker, Beavercreek City Schools CFO/Treasurer