Letter to the editor

Colin Morrow for council


I’ve known Colin Morrow and his family since 2001. Over the years he has asked me how the City of Fairborn engages the local business community. More frequently since 444 was closed off. So, he has always had a curiosity concerning the business environment in Fairborn. Colin and I spoke several times about some of his ideas after he announced he was running for Fairborn City Council. He understands the challenges of running a business and being responsible for profit and loss. Colin has negotiated with a municipality to receive tax breaks from the city, procure capital investment grants from the County, and tax breaks from the State of Ohio.

So, as a member of the Fairborn City Council, he will understand what is important to a business. Especially, when businesses are deciding on where to locate and stay viable.

Colin and his wife have lived in and raised their son in Fairborn for the last 17 years. He served In the US Army and currently, for the last 31 years, has served us and our Country in the US Army Reserve. I’m looking forward to Colin bringing his last 15 years of business executive experience and his strong family roots to help guide his decision making while serving on Fairborn’s City Council.

I plan to vote for Colin Morrow when I cast my ballot for Fairborn City Council. I hope you will too.

— Jamie Hensley, Fairborn – Jamie’s Tire & Service Owner