Letter to the Editor

Roy Moore – Guilty or innocent issues relevant


Taking an opinion about Senate candidate former Judge Roy Moore may seem little consequence here ‎since we are up here in Ohio. Truth is, whether guilty or innocent — Moore’s issues about 10 Commandments, life and freedom should continue.

Ten Commandments are in much of countryside courthouses and public squares. They are not government endorsed religion because most monuments are non sect, private, non-religious, fraternal groups. The 10 Commandments act as the Bill of Rights as the people holding power over the government.

Two samples to reference: Congress shall make no law abridging freedom…” Just as 10 Commandments say “no Gods before me” means‎ we all have right to disagree and petition grievances to the government. Likewise, government should not commit or permit genocide of any people as another Commandment says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

I have not held public office, nor a religious leader and only a small business owner. When I meet people I often ask, “if you died tomorrow, what would your family do?” in my life insurance profession. Yet, Roy Moore has had decades fighting for life and freedom — not a particular religion.

The laws in 10 Commandments are 21st Century “Arc of Covenant”‎ warning us today of population control through opium epidemic, abortions and gender denial. Some stockholders benefit from from shrinking America’s workforce!

Judge Moore may be guilty, not as hideous as political correctness.

— Jeff Flora, Bath Township