Letter to the Editor

Exploring roundabout


I read with very much interest the plan of the City of Xenia to enhance the North Columbus-East Church Street intersection by constructing a single-lane roundabout. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the ODOT open house on Feb. 22 at the Xenia Library.

As a resident of the Xenia area all of my life and presently a resident of the City of Xenia, the condition of the streets in this “City of Hospitality” are deplorable. I recently visited with an acquaintance who had been in Xenia and he was quick to mention the severe neglect which has taken place. On another note, I am not talking about the typical winter pot holes of 2017-18. I am talking about the general condition of the streets which has been allowed to deteriorate for years. It didn’t happen overnight. A rotation of improvements by capable personnel would have eliminated this major problem.

Just because this project has been on the MVRPC’s long-range transportation plan and the possibility of a “surface transportation grant” amounting to $800,000 does not mean that the city council should approve the plan for construction of the roundabout. The information in the newspaper article indicated the total cost is $1.1 million. The approximate local match by the City of Xenia, if the project doesn’t have overrun costs, appears to be around $300,000. The amount of $300,000 will not provide much toward improving the streets of Xenia, but at least it’s a start. What has happened to the funds generated by the levy for street improvement passed in 2011 and use of some general fund dollars to apply toward street improvements?

In closing I would like to mention that I traversed that intersection at North Columbus and East Church Street on a daily basis for over 39 years and never had one mishap. I would encourage the city council not to approve the construction of the roundabout and specify that the dollars budgeted for the above-mentioned project be applied toward the many miles of neglected streets in this city.

— Rita Duncan, Xenia