Letter to the Editor

Appreciation for DeWine


Listening to the TV, you can tell its election time with all the “candidate bashing” ads that is taking place.

It saddens my heart to see the negative ads about Mike Dewine as they are unwarranted. I have lived in the Greene County area all my life. Elections offer many candidates who vie for the same position. To me, Mr. DeWine is a “hometown” guy that I am familiar with and one who cares. His political career bespeaks a person that is reliable and can be counted on. But most of all, Mike DeWine is a guy who puts “people first” in the political arena.

This is Greene County Appreciation week to recognize those who put forth their efforts to combat the opiate crisis. The opiate epidemic that we are experiencing in Ohio, especially in this immediate area is devastating to every sector in our communities. I can think of many people just in Greene County alone, to express my appreciation to for their efforts in the battle to overcome the opiate crisis.

Mike DeWine is one of them. His outreach efforts to educate and support our state regarding the opiate crisis are awesome. The typical citizen and county organizations can only do so much in their efforts; without the support of the local government, much wouldn’t get done. Mike DeWine is a front line worker trying to eradicate the opiate epidemic in Ohio. He has embraced the challenge and is willing to work with all sectors of the community to face the epidemic down!

Many Kudoos to Mike Dewine. Thank you Mr. DeWine for “bringing help and bringing hope” to Ohio.

— Lynne Carroll, Xenia