Letters to the editor

Vote for every Democrat


Remember Nov. 6 is a General Election, if it’s important to you to maintain your card-carrying status as Independent or Republican, you can vote for every Democrat on your ballot and nobody will know. It will benefit you and future generations. If you want to make a difference while you still can, vote!

To make America “sane” again, get informed and vote! Democrats don’t promise perfection or come with a magic wand to make all our troubles go away but we care about people we may never meet. We want to make things fair for all. If there is no hope of justice, opportunities, a living wage, education and healthcare there will be no peace.

When hope is gone, then riots and violence will become a reality. Are we to see women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters accept they are not equal under the ultra-conservative male dictatorship? Bowing to and accepting intolerable conditions because they aren’t male is not a Democracy.

Liberal men are secure in their masculinity, not frighten by strong, opinionated women but ultra conservative men are, that’s why we are seeing are this violence and chipping away of rights of women.

Please vote for two openings on the Ohio Supreme Court: Judge Melody Stewart and Judge Michael Donnelly. Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

— Doris Adams, Xenia

Representing District 74


A little over seven months ago, I embarked on a new journey, after retiring from a long career of teaching choral music in Ohio schools. That journey was to run for State House Representative in District 74, including Madison, and parts of Greene and Clark Counties. You see, after a phone call from a former student, and a little research, I truly felt led to this action.

Throughout my campaign, I have attended fairs, festivals, parades, “meets and greets”, endorsement interviews, done phone banking, written postcards and walked door-to-door meeting voters from all parties. I’ve introduced myself, and basically asked them what their concerns were. Here is what I’ve heard:

”I don’t care what’s happening in North Korea. I need gas to get to work.”

“I’m scared to death, because I have six kids and no health insurance.”

“We’re raising our grandkids, because our daughter is in jail for opioid addiction.”

“We’re going to lose the family farm, because my kids can’t afford to run it.”

“I have two jobs, and still can’t make ends meet. And I can’t be home with my kids.”

“My nephew went to ECOT, and didn’t make it through. He’s now 20 and in tenth grade.”

“What is happening? Why are people so hateful?”

“I’m a woman wanting to open a small business, and can’t get answers.”

“Our townships can’t continue to be run on less and less money, without returning to the taxpayers for the basics.”

Based on these conversations, it is clear that our citizens’ needs are not being addressed in the legislature. I think that we need to start listening to citizens again, and taking them at their word, because the job of the legislature is to serve the needs of the people.

So what can we do? Well, we can start addressing these issues by making a change in the Statehouse. If elected, with your help, I will be your voice in Columbus, and your agent for change. It’s time for all of us to take action vote!

— Anne Gorman, Democratic Candidate for Ohio House 74