Letters to the editor

Questioning the levy


Hey guys. just wondered why we (taxpayers) are helping support Kettering Hospital’s local location — Greene Memorial? Is this a hold over from the time when Greene County owned the hospital or is this a carrot dangled in front of Kettering to keep Greene Memorial running here in Xenia?

One answer I have received is that it is to help pay for treatment of indigenous patients. Most of us see that this is a renewal so we think we have been paying it all along so we will continue helping Greene. Just wondered. Do any other communities where Kettering is located give them $1.75 m?

I like Greene Memorial and have been a patient there several times for operations and emergency room services. I am glad we are blessed with their presence. But why are we helping a big business like Kettering? If the answer makes sense, then I won’t feel so bad when real estate taxes are due.

— Donald Harner, Xenia