Support for Issue 2


The manufacturing industry continues to be a vital component of the Dayton Region’s economy, made up of almost 2,500 companies employing 125,000 people. Data shows that there is a dire need for trained workers in manufacturing and machining trades. Schools like Miami Valley CTC and Upper Valley Career Center are seeing their graduates get on average six job offers upon completion of their career-technical program.

Issue 2 will provide funds to build a much needed, more modern career center that will fill the needs of business, future students, and their children. Current programming will remain intact, and the district will add classes like engineering technology and robotics, giving students the skills they need to be successful in careers in the manufacturing industry.

The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association fully endorses Issue 2 and encourages all Greene County voters to consider the positive impact its passage will have on the local workforce and economic development.

— Angelia M. Erbaugh, President Dayton Region Manufacturers Assoc.

Keeping pre-existing condition mandate


I am 68, retired, and have a chronic medical condition. So do my son and granddaughter. The Affordable Care Act, by mandating that insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions, makes it possible for us to have medical insurance. However, Republicans at all levels, from Donald Trump, Mike Turner, and Mike Dewine down, support gutting the ACA and repealing the pre-existing condition mandate. To protect our right to affordable health insurance, I must follow the advice of conservative columnist George F. Will and vote a straight Democratic ticket. I urge you to do the same.

— Richard Bullock, Yellow Springs