Letters to the editor

A different perspective on commission


Isn’t it time for all voices to be heard in Greene County government? The commissioners have been interchangeable for so many years you likely don’t even know their names. But they speak in one voice and push one agenda. What about your voice? Susan Lopez will bring a new voice and a new perspective to the Commission. Her agenda will be supporting business and families to make Greene County work for all of us. Your vote is your voice. Elect Susan Lopez.

— Susan Alberter, Yellow Springs

Lopez commissioner


It is with great enthusiasm that I support Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner.

I have volunteered alongside Susan for more than five years on our church’s congregational care board, where Susan serves as director. Caring and compassion for those she serves is unmistakable. Susan, a woman of integrity, has also served the people of Greene County through the non-profit Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Family Resource Center. She has proven great interest in serving her neighbors well.

What I respect about Susan is her willingness to discuss concerns and to hear all sides of an issue. She is open to new ideas. Susan enthusiastically undertakes and accomplishes tasks with good judgement and outstanding moral character.

I am confident that Susan will serve all residents of Greene County with the same great passion, energy, fairness, and intelligence. Please join me in supporting Susan Lopez for Greene County Commissioner.

— Nancy Kim, Beavercreek

Vote for Issue 1


Ohioans – our families and friends – are reeling from the opioid epidemic and related struggles. Issue #1, on the ballot Nov. 6, will help make us all safer and healthier.

I’ve focused my campaign for Greene County Clerk of Courts on informing residents of community concerns: the proposed new county jail, the federally compliant driver’s license requirements, and most importantly, Issue #1, The Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment (also known as the Drug and Criminal Justice Policies Initiative).

In short, Issue #1 will offer much-needed criminal justice reform, helping those who battle drug addiction get the help they need. It has no effect on how courts sentence drug traffickers or violent felons.

It’s self-funding. Issue #1 will reduce the state prison population. (Several of those institutions are private, for-profit facilities with guaranteed bed provisions – and state dollars – in their multi-year contracts.) Issue #1 will redirect millions of those dollars back to local communities for corrections, drug and mental health treatment, and family services.

Yes, it’s a constitutional amendment. As Ohio has allowed since 1913, this citizens’ initiative is a legal avenue of last-resort for the 730,000 Ohioans who signed the petitions. When our elected representatives don’t legislate, we must.

Take time to read the four short pages of this amendment (https://yesononeoh.com/) for yourself and move past the partisan spin. Franklin County Judge Chris Brown spells out the fine points on Facebook, if you’re so inclined.

Issue #1 is an urgently needed first step. It will help improve the lives of thousands of Ohioans who battle drug addiction – our neighbors, our friends, our families. And passage will force Columbus to deal with fine-tuning this legislation rather than continuing to ignore the problem.

Read the text. Get past the misinformation, the political rhetoric, and the fear-mongering spouted by the opposition. Consider those in our community who suffer from the failed war on drugs, and vote your conscience, not politics.

— Cyndi Pauwels, Yellow Springs

I stand with Lopez


As a pastor’s wife, nonprofit executive, and parent involvement specialist these last 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of seeing some extraordinary people. A standout is Susan Lopez, who combines her community experience and warmth with accurate foresight. During every election cycle— and in my 65 plus years I’ve been through a few— I get excited about candidates’ ideas, and hope to see some of them “in action” after the election. Once in office, realities that can only be understood in the job will affect priorities. But yesterday at lunch, several of us agreed— if only we could still recognize that candidate, after they take office!

Susan Lopez is not afraid to be herself—transparent: She put her platform out at the beginning of the year. She doesn’t waiver in standing up for us taxpayers, and for what is right. All this has served and will continue to serve Greene County so well. She has shown exemplary tenacity and dedication to Greene County. So I believe that my support is best placed with her.

From our first lunch meeting, to watching her participate at community forums, I’ve seen her listen, integrate all she’s heard, and then use just the right leadership skills for the occasion. I’ve seen her moral integrity in action, her willingness to help wherever there is a need, and her initiative in getting to know all segments of our community. I look forward to great things through her service.

In my opinion, there is no other candidate as qualified as Susan Lopez to be our next Greene County Commissioner.

— Susan Oldberg Hinton, Xenia