It goes by so fast

By Heather Bright

It started about the time my oldest child turned two. I was a new mom and didn’t expect to be struggling with it so soon: Kindergarten.

It was still three years away, but everyone around me said, “It goes by so fast.” In my mind, the first day of school was right around the corner. I knew there were several options, and my tiny two-year-old had me thinking a lot about where he’d learn his ABCs.

Three years later, we dropped him off at a Christian school right here in Xenia. Legacy Christian Academy, formerly Xenia Christian, was the site of his first day of kindergarten. Today, years later, he attends there with his two sisters. Located on the beautiful Athletes in Action campus, off of Home Avenue, Legacy Christian is not only part of the historical site of the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Orphans’ Home, it is the place my husband and I are happy to send our children each day.

The main building of the school, built around 1944, was formerly Woodrow Wilson High School. Even though it is an entirely different school today, there are murals painted by students from Woodrow Wilson that cover the walls. They serve as a reminder of the history of the campus. The administration of Legacy Christian appreciates the history of the school and welcomes the former students (Association of Ex-Pupils) to use the school for their yearly reunion.

I used to work in the main office of Legacy Christian and there were several times that men and women who attended Woodrow Wilson would request a tour of the building. I listened as they recalled stories from their past as we walked through the halls. Those impromptu tours were enlightening and enjoyable. Today, my three kids roam the same halls.

Once we decided our son would attend kindergarten at a Christian school, my husband and I had to decide how we would afford it. Paying for elementary school was not on the forefront of my mind when he was only two years old. However, over the past few years, we’ve realized the value of their experience at Legacy Christian. It affords them:

– Daily interaction with teachers and staff who genuinely care about their well-being as a whole person.

– A rigorous education and exciting sports program.

– The freedom to discuss issues of faith that are important to our family.

– The opportunity for small class sizes and individual attention.

As parents, we look forward to seeing each of our children grow and learn there for many more years. If you are looking for the right fit for your family, I highly recommend Legacy Christian Academy (

In no time at all, we’ll be looking at colleges with our son. Every person who ever said it was right: It really does go by so fast.

By Heather Bright

Heather Bright lives in Xenia with her husband and children. They are always looking for new places to explore. Send your recommendations to [email protected]

Heather Bright lives in Xenia with her husband and children. They are always looking for new places to explore. Send your recommendations to [email protected]