Changes should be made at YMCA


I am writing this in response to the article in the Gazette on April 2 “Examining the YMCA layout.”

I am the Membership Chair of the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center (XARSC). I am a member of both the XARSC and the YMCA. I am speaking on behalf of the members of XARSC.

I was raised in Xenia. Attended schools in Xenia, graduating from Xenia Central High School. I have seen many changes and improvements to the City in all these years. I was thrilled with the coming of REACH (the Schools, the YMCA and XARSC). I am excited by the increase in the membership of the XARSC, and the YMCA. Having said that, we have a major problem that must be resolved. I think it is imperative that any member of XARSC that is also a member of the YMCA, should be able to go between the two without going outside. We have members using canes, walkers, etc. It is especially difficult for them during bad weather.

I have to wonder how many people go to the YMCA and then decide NOT to go to XARSC for lunch because they have to go outside.

That being said, congratulations and thanks for all the work and efforts put forth to make this happen. Xenia should be very proud.

There are many dedicated and intelligent people involved with this. I would hope that we can work together to solve this problem.

— Rosemary Fawley, Membership Chair, Xenia Adult Recreation Services Center