Letter to the Editor

Celebrate heroes


National Hospital Week is May 8-14. It is the perfect time to celebrate the heroes who care for and provide support to their communities.

Every day, Hospital Heroes deliver our babies, mend broken bones, and save lives. They get us home faster through innovative care. They even keep us healthier through preventive care services that ensure we get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

They deserve a “thank you,” today and every day. Yet Congress has cut federal funding for hospitals by $158.1 billion since 2010. If they continue to slash this funding year after year, heroic caregivers could be laid off, ER wait times could increase, and patients could have a harder time accessing the latest medical technology.

So this National Hospital Week, I’ll be thanking our caregivers and hospital staff. I hope our members of Congress will stand up for our hospitals too.

— Timohy Diaspro, Xenia

In response to Bill Taylor’s column


I found your article on disappearances entertaining, and while it’s true some of the disappearances will probably never get solved, the sock mystery is no mystery at all. The very simple explanation is that the socks are not disappearing, they were never loaded in the washer to begin with.

I mean who actually counts the amount of socks they load into the washer anyway. I know for a fact my kids throw their socks everywhere, so the real miracle is that so many matching pairs ever make it out of the dryer in the first place.

— Doel Vargas, WPAFB