Nutter wants Garth

The Nutter Center is beginning a social media campaign in hopes of capturing country music artist Garth Brooks’ attention, and drawing him to perform a concert in the area.

The Nutter Center is beginning a social media campaign in hopes of capturing country music artist Garth Brooks’ attention, and drawing him to perform a concert in the area.

Greene County News Report

FAIRBORN — Wright State University’s Nutter Center is launching a social media campaign to bring country music artist Garth Brooks back to the community.

Over the course of the last few months, the Nutter Center has heard numerous requests to bring Brooks back to Fairborn, and Nutter Center officials feel that the venue is the perfect atmosphere to host the act.

In December 1992, Brooks made his debut in the Miami Valley when he played in front of a sold out crowd at the Nutter Center. Brooks’s 1992 concert holds the Nutter Center record for the fastest sell-out of a single performance (17 minutes). In an interview with a local radio personality while on tour in Lexington last year, Brooks recalled his show at the Nutter Center, which took place nearly 23 years ago.

The Nutter Center wants to take that memory and make it a reality with the social media campaign dubbed as #NutterCenter4Garth.

In order for the campaign work the Nutter Center is asking for help spreading the word, and it plans to utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The plan is to interact with Brooks through his social media platforms by including him in posts, photos and tweets. The Nutter Center is encouraging fans (through respective social media accounts) to tweet, tag, take photos and mention Brooks in daily posts. The campaign is utilizing the hashtag #NutterCenter4Garth to build interest in hopes of making this concert a reality.

On Facebook, fans can check out the NutterCenter4Garth post in which the center unveiled its campaign. The link to the center’s website,, also includes campaign details. The Nutter Center hopes that its fans (along with additional fans and followers) will help gain and retain the attention of not only Brooks, but the thousands of fans in the surrounding area, as well. Individuals should first “like” the Nutter Center Facebook page by visiting To build awareness for the campaign, it is encouraging others to post comments, pictures or videos on the Nutter Center’s Facebook page wall while also tagging @garthbrooks.

Twitter will utilize hastages, and the Nutter Center is urging its followers to use the hashtag #NutterCenter4Garth, as well as mentioning @garthbrooks and @nuttercenter in all posts, retweets or replies. The Nutter Center is also asking its followers to interact with Brooks by encouraging him to perform at the Nutter Center while tagging him in tweets about their daily activities.

Example Tweets include: “Help bring @Garth Brooks to @Nutter Center. Retweet and help spread the word. #NutterCenter4Garth”, and “Man this ice cream tastes good. Only thing that would make it better is @garthbrooks playing @Nutter Center. #NutterCenter4Garth.”

Instagram acts as a new platform for the Nutter Center, and it is using this campaign to help kick start its Instagram account, found at @nuttercenter. Like Twitter, use the hashtags #NutterCenter4Garth and #garthgram while also tagging @garthbrooks and @nuttercenter. The Nutter Center said Brooks exhibits an overwhelming appreciation for his fans on Instagram while also interacting with them.

Brooks has been certified by the Recording Industry Association of America as the top-selling solo artist of the 20th century with 134 million albums. He is also the fastest-selling album artist in RIAA history and the only solo artist to have six albums top the 10-million mark.

Brooks incorporated the arena-rock-party-style of Kiss, Queen and rodeo rocker Chris Ledoux to create a live show and included fire, rain, smashing guitars and flying on high wires as a means to wow fans during his concerts. He is known for playing multiple, sold-out shows in each city and for consistently breaking venue attendance records set by artists including Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney, U2 and Billy Joel.

Currently in the “Garth Brooks World Tour,” Brooks has played in venues across the country, many of which are similar to the Nutter Center, located in cities of equal size to Dayton. Due to the success of their recent tour, the Nutter Center feels that if Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, make a stop in Fairborn, it will bring much more to the community than just another country music concert.

As the center approaches its 25-year anniversary, it plans to host several star studded and action-packed events throughout the next 365 days, and it hopes to include Brooks in that rotation.