Smooth first day for Xenia schools



By Scott Halasz

XENIA — Denny Morrison didn’t want to jinx the district, but he couldn’t deny how well the first day of school went Wednesday.

“Everything is off to a great start,” the Xenia schools superintendent said. “It could not have gone any better. Just a great beginning.”

There wasn’t a glitch to be found as one high school, one middle school and five elementary schools opened their doors for students.

“Every child was there on time,” Morrison said. “The buses were there. (Students) have schedules. They’re in classrooms. It’s just a great day.”

The momentum for the fantastic first day actually started last week.

Morrison said 75 percent of incoming freshmen attended orientation.

“They got their schedules, got their locker combinations, we talked to them about expectations,” he said. “Made sure they’re on the right path.”

At Warner Middle School, nearly 100 percent of the incoming sixth graders attended the eighth-grade led Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) session.

Each building had an open house, where students had a chance to visit their school and parents and/or students had a chance to complete a lot of the first-day paper work.

“One was more crowded then the other,” Morrison said.

More than 500 staff members attended the opening-day meeting. That meeting included a lot of new staff members and not just those replacing staff.

“We’re adding different programs for our kids this year,” Morrison said. “We have something for everyone, so that went well. That was just phenomenal, everybody being on the same page.”

And, as has been the case the last two school years, the student population is on the rise.

“Our enrollment looks good again,” Morrison said. “We’ve got some folks that are moving to Xenia. They’ve heard about the schools.”

Did anything at all go wrong?

“I hate to say it, but no,” Morrison said.


Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.