Estimated tax deadline approaching

XENIA — The deadline to make the final estimated tax payment for 2019 is approaching.

Anyone who has tax liability due to the City of Xenia and it is not being fully withheld by their employer must make estimated payments to avoid penalties. The deadline for tax year 2019 is Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The Xenia City income tax rate is 2.25 percent with a maximum credit for taxes paid to other cities of 1.5 percent. Tax payers are required to have 90 percent of the tax they will owe, or 100 percent of their 2018 tax liability paid by the 15th to avoid penalty. Tax payers are encouraged to review the information about estimated payment requirements available at

Anyone with questions about how much they owe in estimated taxes can visit the City of Xenia Tax Department during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) for free assistance.

Tax payments may be made via mail, via the 24-hour drop box, at the A/R Division using cash, check, money order, or VISA/Mastercard/Discover, online, or phone using Payment Services Network (see the “Pay Your Taxes” link on the Tax Division webpage for more information).