Dogs make ‘ruff’ time easier

YELLOW SPRINGS — The winter blood drive at Yellow Springs High School went to the dogs, and the students just couldn’t have been happier about it.

The Jan. 23 blood drive was the second of the school year for YSHS. CBC’s Cora Johnson presented the Red Cod Honor School award for 2019-2020 and gave special thanks to seniors Jane Meister and Abby McAnerney. They helped organize the blood drives as part of a senior project. A unique addition to the Jan. 23 blood drive was the idea of inviting therapy dogs.

Johnson said the therapy dogs welcomed the students, helped them keep calm as they waited to donate, and provided comfort. Many of the students said it made them feel more relaxed and their donations seemed to go easier. The only challenge was the extra visitors who dropped by the gym just to pet the dogs. They had to be reminded to say goodbye to their new furry friends and go back to class.

Best of all, it was a chance for the Yellows Springs High donors to really show their pedigree. The blood drive topped 100 percent of its goal with 56 donors, including seven first-time donors and 42 donations.

Now that’s something to bark about.