CEDARVILLE — CU Women, a ministry for Cedarville University women faculty and staff members, as well as wives of CU employees, will host a Sunny Days Supply Drive for foster children. The drive, from March 9 until April 3, will collect sunscreen and beach towels.

All items can be placed in a bin outside of the student offices inside the Stevens Student Center.

“There is an incredible need for foster families to take in children who are in a crisis situation, and this is a small way that we can support families,” said Sharon Kerestes, service coordinator for CU Women and curriculum materials center librarian at Cedarville University. “It’s important as pro-life people to not just speak for the rights of the unborn, but also to support children and families in crisis. This demonstrates our commitment to life at all stages.”

This is the third year CU Women will partner with the Bair Foundation of Moraine to serve foster children. Last year, the group organized a rain boot drive for foster children, and in 2018 it supplied decorated duffel bags filled with essential children’s items.

This year, the Bair Foundation requested beach items for the 40 children they serve so that they won’t miss out on fun outside summer activities due to a lack of supplies. These children range in age from infants to 17-year-olds, making the need for baby sunblock as important as beach towels for teenagers.

“The church relations office on campus is also donating Cedarville tote bags so we can give each child their supplies in a bag they can take with them to the pool,” Kerestes said. “It would be wonderful to collect a bottle of sunscreen and a towel for each child.”

For more information, contact CU Women at [email protected]