Substitute levy on the ballot for Beavercreek Schools

By Anna Bolton - [email protected]

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek City School District is asking voters to consider a zero tax increase substitute levy to continue funding day-to-day operations.

Voters approved similar operating levies in 2001 and 2003 — which were combined in 2010. This 9.8-mill substitute emergency levy, labeled Issue 20 on the Nov. 3 ballot, replaces that combined levy and makes it continuous — or permanent. That means the district would not have to ask voters to pass it in the future.

The renewal levy commences in tax year 2020, and would first be payable in 2021.

Issue 20 would not raise taxes. If the ballot issue passes, the owner of a $100,000 home would continue to pay $300 per year, according to the Greene County auditor’s website.

The issue makes up 18 percent, or $18.5 million, of the district’s operating budget.

“The reason we are asking for it to be continuous — our voters have voted for this, approved this, since 2001 and 2003 and we know the cost to educate a child will never get cheaper,” Superintendent Paul Otten said by phone Tuesday. “We know this is such a large portion of our budget so we know we are going to need it.”

Otten said funding generated from the levy would maintain the current level of services and programming for the district, including personnel, technology, utilities and classroom supplies.

Voters rejected the same issue in the March primary, 7,573 votes to 6,951, according to the official canvass.

If it fails this time, Otten anticipates the board to put it back on the ballot in May. He said the district would release a list of reductions in February, and if it failed again in May, those cuts would be put in place for the 2021-2022 school year.

“Without it, we would have to make significant reductions. There’s no way we could cut $18 million out of our budget. Even cutting $3 million would start dismantling the district, dismantling services for our students and families, change elective offerings for our students dramatically,” he said. “It is a very large levy that our voters have approved for years. It’s the lion’s share of our budget.”

By Anna Bolton

[email protected]

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Call 937-502-4498 or follow Anna Bolton, Reporter on Facebook.