Virtual Yoga Camp set

BEAVERCREEK — The Hindu Temple of Greater Dayton is conducting a Virtual Yoga Camp on June 5-6, 2021 to promote the true meaning and understanding of the word “YOGA.”

Yoga is the Sanskrit word derived from the root word Yuj meaning union. Yoga is a spiritual discipline and practice which helps one unite with the supreme consciousness. The ultimate goal of spirituality in Hindu vedic tradition is to become aware of divine presence everywhere, at all times, in oneself, in every other human being, and in the whole of creation, according to Hindu Temple officials. Yoga is a code of living life for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Yoga Camp will include talks by yoga masters and swamis about spiritual connections of yoga. Talks by physicians regarding the physical, mental, emotional and other health benefits of yoga will take place too. There will be sessions by yoga and meditation teachers who will be demonstrating varied Asanas and breathing techniques and some sessions of guided meditation by trained and experienced experts. Each session will be followed by ample time for questions and answers.

Yoga has been practiced by Hindus for thousands of years as is noted in ancient Hindu scriptures. It was later adapted as a practice in many other religions arising from India including Buddhism and Jainism. In the last few decades, yoga has become very popular in the west and yoga studios can be found in multiple places.

For most westerners, yoga generally means “HATH YOGA” which involves physical postures and breathing techniques. However, the ancient Hindu Yoga practice in India included much more than that. Yoga has a number of levels and dimensions. Asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation help to clear the mind of impurities and move towards self-realization of one’s true divine nature.

The event’s Zoom ID is: 830 0286 4682. The Passcode is: 251302.

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For more information, contact Ravi Khanna at 937-206-1487 or Arun Aggarwal at 937-838-1264.