MHRB grants funding to GC Family and Children First

By Darryl McGee - [email protected]

XENIA — Per a State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2022 contract with the Greene County Commissioners, the Mental Health and Recovery Board (MHRB) of Clark, Greene, and Madison Counties will provide funds to Greene County Family and Children First (GCFCF) for Family Stability and Shared Youth Placement programs.

“Funds received from MHRB total $204,056,” Greene County Family and Children First Director Brent Lewis said. “GCFCF also receives funding from other community partners to assist with this programming including Greene County Department of Job and Family Services, the Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and Greene County Juvenile Court.”

Programs are also supported by the county general fund.

The Family Stability Program will receive $63,860. Shared Youth Placement will receive $140,198.

“[MHRB] has long been a partner and financial supporter of Greene County Family and Children First. MHRB has provided funding since November 1996,” Lewis said. “They also are active participants on the Family and Children First Council and collaborate with staff from GCFCF and other Greene County providers to address some of the most significant social issues in our communities. These include areas like addiction, overdoses, and suicide prevention.”

He added, “MHRB is a valuable partner, and we could not do the work we do without their financial and staff support.”

Lewis said MHRB assists partners, stakeholders, residents, and anyone at risk of mental health or substance use concerns, providing pathways to mental health and addiction services for those in its three-county area. MHRB connect treatment to those who need it, while creating communities that are resilient, supportive, and trauma-informed.

“The dedicated board members and staff provide resources for prevention, treatment, and support, while upholding a community-wide safety net to protect families, adults, and children,” Lewis said.

The Family Stability Program provides service coordination and support to Greene County families having children who are receiving services from multiple systems, Lewis said.

The Shared Youth Placement program is an extension of Family Stability, and includes identifying appropriate placement options for children, coordination of funding, placement monitoring, and assistance with discharge planning.

“One of the strengths of the Family and Children First Department is the ability to coordinate collaboration among numerous community partners in Greene County,” Lewis said. “The Family Stability Program is just one component of the overarching goal to assist Greene County in being a community where residents work together, play together, support one another, and take responsibility for healthy development of their families and communities. MHRB and GCFCF always watch for additional funding opportunities to further support programming on the local level.”

“Mental Health Recovery Board of Clark, Greene & Madison Counties (MHRB) is one of 50 boards across the state that is statutorily empowered to plan, develop, fund, manage and evaluate community-based mental health and addiction services,” Mental Health Recovery Board CEO Greta Mayer said. “We exist to connect residents with caring systems; provide pathways to services for mental health and substance use; and facilitate delivery of quality care with resources for prevention, treatment, and support.”

By Darryl McGee

[email protected]

Reach Darryl McGee at 937-502-4534

Reach Darryl McGee at 937-502-4534