Jamestown road repairs continue

By Lauren Eissler - For the Xenia Daily Gazette

JAMESTOWN — The status of Jamestown Village roads and parking lots drew the most attention during the village council meeting May 2.

Jamestown Mayor Jerrod Pickens addressed the topic of the parking lot surrounding the municipal building, as well as the landscaping. The council unanimously approved the lot to be cleaned, sealed and restriped for $1,609.

Street superintendent Gordy Sargent said this will give them two to three years before they’ll have to blacktop the lot.

“It’s buying time,” he said.

Sargent also addressed other road issues throughout the village, including the paving collective bid program, repairs to a sewer, sealing cracks in the road and other miscellaneous maintenance.

The three repair projects together cost $77,000. The sewer on South Sycamore street costs $40,000 and needs repairs because of flooding. Sealing cracks in village roads is part of a yearly program in which Sargent plans to use $12,000 to repair the worst-off roads. The final repair project is for miscellaneous maintenance. Sargent requested $25,000 to repair some catch basins, as well as some other streets that need patched.

The council unanimously approved each of those three projects but also raised some questions.

Council member Leslie Cox asked Sargent about the plans to repair the alleys in Jamestown, saying that they are in bad condition. Cox said two of his neighbors were cold patching some holes in the road by their house, which he said was embarrassing. He also mentioned another alley with a hole so bad that it would knock a car out of alignment.

Sargent recommended the council sit down and figure out the money, because each alley would most likely cost around $4,000 to repair.

The council discussed adding the alleys to the collective bid, with the mayor saying he’d check with the county to see if they could still add them.

Council member Anita Chaney asked how many alleys would need the most attention, and Sargent said every one of them does, except for the concrete alleys and the recently repaired alley by the church.

And council member Cindie Mash-Price asked Sargent to create a priority list of which alleys need the most attention and bring it to the next meeting.

The Jamestown Village Council next meets 7 p.m. May 16 in the municipal building.


By Lauren Eissler

For the Xenia Daily Gazette

Lauren Eissler is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Lauren Eissler is a freelance writer for Greene County News.