Couple meets, marries at Hospitality

John and Krisanne Adams

John and Krisanne Adams

Greene County News

XENIA — They met while visiting relatives at Hospitality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing so why not get married there?

That’s exactly what Shawn and Krisanne Adams did Sept. 16.

Shawn and Krisanne met at Hospitality visiting family members. Shawn’s mother is a current long term resident and Shawn’s sister Julie is currently at Hospitality for rehabilitation and therapy, getting her strength back after an illness. When visit their mother, they participate in events and interact with other residents.Krisanne’s mother was a resident at Hospitality until her death.

When Administrator John Flanagan and Activities Director Katie Wilson heard about Shawn’s engagement, they thought it would be a great opportunity to give back to this family. It would also allow Shawn’s mom and other residents to be involved in the happy celebration.

The activities staff worked to get the dining room ready for the wedding.

“It was so beautiful,” Julie said. “All the work they put into it. It didn’t look like Hospitality. It looked like a event hall.”

Residents and their families were also in attendance, enjoying cake and punch.

The ceremony was a representation of the couple’s love and was enjoyed by all. Flanagan walked Krisanne down the aisle as she didn’t have family in the area to help her. Julie was able to walk down the aisle with the assistance of her physical therapist.

The couple also received gifts from residents and staff.

John and Krisanne Adams and Krisanne Adams

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.