Cedar Cliff holding kindergarten orientation

Gazette News Report

CEADRVILLE — Cedar Cliff Local Schools will hold kindergarten registration and orientation 6 p.m. Today in the cafeteria.

Children must be five-years-old by Aug. 1 to enroll. Parents may bring official proof of birth, immunization records – which include polio, measles, DTP, Rubella, Mumps, chicken pox and hepatitis B, Ohio health record or parent sign-off sheet, custody papers (if applicable), proof of residency with a live address (no P.O. box), and the latest IEP (if applicable).

Appointments will be made for the kindergarten screening process, through which all kindergarten students must go. The vision and hearing screenings will be provided May 12. Information provided by a family doctor will also be accepted.

Kindergartners will also receive a skill screening May 12. These activities will allow staff to assess the child’s readiness for kindergarten and provide valuable insight that can assist with the decision to enroll.

Children do not need to be present for the registration, however there will be a tour of the classroom for any parents who wish to take their children to see their first classroom.

All children 6-years-old must be enrolled in school or registered with the Greene County Educational Service Center in an approved home-education program.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.