CHA phone survey to begin

Greene County News

XENIA — Greene County Public Health officials have announced a partnership with Wright State University to conduct a Community Health Assessment phone survey in Greene County about community health. The 2016-2017 CHA is a strategic planning process to determine the health needs of a community.

The survey process will begin in late January and run through late March, randomly calling landlines and cell phones of Greene County residents. The 15-minute phone survey will ask residents about their health so as to determine the overall need of each community. All calls are pressure-free and confidential, and no identifying information (social security number, name, etc.) will be requested. Not all residents will receive a call, but those that do will be able to recognize the call on their caller ID as coming from Wright State University at 937-775-7777.

Greene County Public Health officials kindly ask for the help of the residents to complete the survey should they be called upon to do so. Should you have questions about the process, please contact Ashley Steveley at 937-374-5624 or by email at

Story courtesy of Greene County Public Health.

Story courtesy of Greene County Public Health.