Village talks animals, fowl and bees

By Brian Evans - For Greene County News

JAMESTOWN — Village officials discussed some fowl language May 1.

Chickens and rooster ordinances, that is.

In order to address an influx in people wanting chickens and roosters in town, Jamestown Village Council is looking to modify an existing ordinance from 1990 concerning the keeping and having of fowl, animals and bees.

Council members passed the second reading of the new ordinance during its regular meeting.

Jamestown Mayor Jerrod Pickens said the changes will actually make it easier for residents looking to have chickens, while keeping it orderly and regulated for the best interest of everyone in the village.

“We had regulations,” Pickens said. “This is to reduce some of the regulations. Pretty common stuff. We have not received any complaints. We want to regulate in case things get out of control.”

The trend is not uncommon for the region as other nearby municipalities have recently adjusted fowl ordinances.

“I did some research and talked with other communities,” Pickens said. “I found out what problems they have had and made some changes. This will make it more accessible for people on smaller lots. Roosters seemed to be the biggest issue — noise.”

Along with the noise from roosters, confinement of fowl has been an issue in other towns. The new ordinance is designed to keep chickens out of neighbors “flower beds” and such.

“Having chickens is a valuable learning experience for kids,” Pickens said. “And adults may want to do it to.”

The ordinance says residents must have 500 square feet per chicken, fowl or rabbit with a limit of six. One additional shall be allowed for each 500 square feet over 24,500 square feet. No roosters older than six months — which neighbors can hear — can be kept, and the number of chicken, fowl and/or rabbits under the age of six months shall not exceed three times the allowable number over six months.

Council members joked that they would be checking fowl birth certificates.

The law keeps pens more than 100 feet from the front of the property line and 25 feet from any neighboring dwelling.

The third and final reading of the ordinance is set for council’s next regular meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, May 15.

In other action, council set the date for village garage sale days for June 22-24 this year and made it permanently to be conducted on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday following Father’s Day each year after.

“Seems like after Christmas, everyone calls for garage sale days,” Pickens said. “We set it for that date that way we can always answer their questions when they call … It’s is when we have it usually anyways.”

By Brian Evans

For Greene County News

Brian Evans is a freelance writer. Email him at

Brian Evans is a freelance writer. Email him at