Driver charged after downtown accident

XENIA — A driver of a vehicle is facing charges after hitting a pole, a bench and then scraping the Greene County Treasurer’s Office building.

Xenia police told WDTN the driver of a McAfee vehicle, 27-year-old Jon Holmes, hit the sidewalk and then debris from benches and poles hit two pedestrians in front of the building Jan. 29 around 11:30 a.m.

Xenia Police Captain Steve Lane told the TV station that Holmes was charged with failing to maintain reasonable control and operating a vehicle under the influence related to huffing aerosol.

Greene County Treasurer Dick Gould said someone told him about the incident and he found the driver of the vehicle unresponsive. Gould also told WDTN he looked around the area and saw the driver came up on the sidewalk and hit lamp posts, crossing signs, benches and poles.

“He was incoherent initially and then he kind of came to and as time passed he seemed to get his wits about him,” Gould said.

As he checked for a pulse from the driver, a Greene County Sheriff’s detective, medics and police arrived at the scene.

Gould said he saw paramedics assisting the pedestrians who were hit by debris.

This incident is still under investigation.

Our partners at WDTN contributed to this story.

Our partners at WDTN contributed to this story.