Smith announces candidacy for 73rd district

FAIRBORN — Jocelyn Smith, a Republican running as a conservative alternative to Rep. Rick Perales, will formally declare her candidacy for State House District 73 during a news conference at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27 at “TJ Chump’s” Restaurant, 1100 E. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road.

Smith will outline her campaign’s political agenda as she also articulates the personal story behind why she is running. She will take issue with Rep. Perales’ service.

Refusing to take contributions from lobbyists or other special interests, Smith is self-funding her campaign.

“I want voters to know I am going to Columbus beholden to no one,” Smith said in a press release. “I will take office beholden to none but the people, and I will leave office beholden to none but the people. My willingness to self-fund my race should say a lot about the depth of my commitment to the goals of this campaign.”