Midwest’s first brain mapping center

DAYTON — Premier Health’s Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) has opened the first comprehensive brain mapping center in the Midwest.

Brain mapping uses a variety of tests to map the functions of a person’s brain in order to safely and effectively guide neurosurgery. The CNSI Brain Mapping Center (BMC) uniquely incorporates vital data from neurology, neurosurgery, psychology and radiology to accurately predict the long-term outcomes for a variety of patients, including those with brain tumors, epilepsy, stroke, and movement disorders.

“Our testing models allow us to operate on a brain tumor for a patient, knowing no vital area will be compromised. We can also predict with extreme accuracy how long a person’s recovery will take and how much therapy they will need to get back to normal function,” said Fadi Tayim, PhD, who spearheaded the Brain Mapping Center’s formation. “Understanding the trajectory of a person’s recovery has a profound impact on their quality of life.”

Dr. Tayim said the power of brain mapping is best shown through an example. A patient who presents to a doctor with symptoms for a possible brain tumor may show clinical symptoms such as difficulty speaking and understanding what they’re hearing. Imaging can confirm if a brain lesion resides in the areas that affects language. However, not everyone’s brain functions are located in the same area.

Further testing methods used at the Brain Mapping Center can help Dr. Tayim determine which area of the brain is that patient’s language center. These results help surgeons determine if and how much of the lesion can be safely removed in order to treat the disease, and can also estimate how much a patient’s language abilities can be returned to normal.

The Brain Mapping Center is a part of the Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI), which includes more than 30 physicians and surgeons dedicated to the diagnosis and care of neurological issues. CNSI operates at four locations, including offices Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, Miami Valley Hospital North in Englewood and Atrium Medical Center in Middletown. For more information on brain mapping or to find a Premier Physician Network physician near you visit www.PremierPhysicianNet.com.