Prayers and chicken soup

Fran DeWine

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Fran’s Favorites

We woke up early this morning with the troubling news that both President Trump and Mrs. Trump have the coronavirus. Our prayers go with them that they will have a speedy recovery.

It took me back to a couple of months ago when Mike initially tested positive (even though we found out later that day that it was a false positive.) For me it was a time to make sure we were prepared to quarantine, to make sure that we had something to eat and the things we needed to get us through. And it was a time to pray.

I immediately went to the freezer and pulled out a large frozen chicken to roast, thinking that it would make a good dinner for us, and I could simmer the bones afterward to make all kinds of delicious soups. Nothing feels better when you are sick than chicken soup. I love to have beautiful broth in the freezer so that I can make many dinners. The possibilities are endless: chicken and noodles or chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice soup, chicken and vegetable soup, chicken pie, chicken and biscuits, chicken and dumplings, or chicken tortilla soup. Even pumpkin soup — which uses chicken broth and is baked right in the pumpkin — is especially fun this time of year!

Chicken Broth

Cut up and place in a large saucepan:

1 chicken, or combination of leg quarters, or necks and backs. You can also use a roasted chicken or rotisserie chicken.

Add water to cover by 1 inch, about 2 quarts.

Add 2 teaspoons salt.

Bring to a simmer and skim off any scum that comes to top.

Add optional vegetables:

Small onion, chopped

1-2 carrots, chunked

1 piece celery, include leaf

Bay leaf


Simmer, loosely covered for about 1-2 hours. Add more water if necessary.

Let broth cool and strain in colander. Use or freeze.

Our favorite soup is simply made by adding noodles (homemade or store-bought). And some of the chopped chicken meat you may have reserved. Carrots and peas make a great addition. This is guaranteed to feed your body and your soul!

Fran’s Favorites’s Favorites

Fran DeWine

Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine is a Cedarville resident, Yellow Springs native and guest columnist.

Ohio First Lady Fran DeWine is a Cedarville resident, Yellow Springs native and guest columnist.