Be aware during stormy weather

Gazette News Report

XENIA — As the severe weather season ramps up, Xenia public safety officials want to make sure residents are prepared whether they are inside or outside.

If threatening weather is in the area, the Xenia Fire Division recommends that residents get to an area of safety and monitor the situation via radio or television. A weather radio or possibly even a cell phone application should be considered to alert residents of weather warnings, especially during sleep.

Residents who are outside should keep an eye on the sky and an ear on the tornado sirens. There are five sirens are located within the City of Xenia and five in Xenia Township. Sirens are activated after a tornado warning is issued and are only intended to alert those that may be outside and unaware of the threatening weather situation. The sirens are not intended to be heard inside a home or vehicle.

The current city tornado sirens were upgraded in 2003 after the city was declared a “Project Impact” community by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The upgraded tornado sirens were placed in accordance with FEMA guidelines to give optimal coverage of the Xenia community.

Sirens are checked 12 p.m. the first Monday of every month. The sirens have emergency battery back-up power and a computer tracking element that allows for emergency personnel to verify that the sirens function properly.

“The main reason for our monthly siren check is to ensure that the sirens are ready and functioning properly in case of a tornado warning and a true emergency,” Xenia Fire Chief Ken Riggsby said. “ On a regular basis, our fire division at the City of Xenia physically monitors the activation of the sirens in an effort to keep our citizens safe from harm and because we value the lives of residents and visitors in our city.”

City of Xenia siren locations are: Xenia High School on Kinsey Road; old Spring Hill Site on Ormsby Drive; former board of education office on East Market Street; Franklin Park on Dayton Avenue; and Glady Run water treatment plant on Bellbrook Avenue.

Xenia Township Sites are: 373 Washington Road; 1578 Hoop Road; 1055 N. Bickett Road; Brush Row Road; and Greene County Career Center.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.

Gazette news report compiled by Scott Halasz.