Bombing a hospital?

By Dean Gordin

If the reports are true, that Russian warplanes bombed the very hospital hit with poison gas by Syrian forces, in order to try and destroy evidence of the chemical genocide, it makes Putin a war criminal, and worse.

The Nazi concentration camp of World War II in which huge numbers of the Jewish people suffered and died must cause the civilized world to once more say — never again. We may have seen a renewal of the hate level from that era in this present time in Syria via Asad, ISIS, Iran and Putin.

President Trump’s order to launch the 59 Tomahawk missles sent a clear and direct message to the war criminals and the entire civilized nations of this world that America does have a sense of justice and outrage in opposition to heinous barbarism, regardless of the source.

This “Red Line in the sand” is one that is valid, not just dramatic, empty posturing. The virtual unanimous support for this action validated President Trump’s decision as appropriate and just. America once again in 2017 is back in the game, after eight years of being AWOL on the world scene.

However — by the time this appears, who knows what may have developed for better or worse in the world? Our aircraft carrier has been sent near North Korea on Station. Secretary of State Tillerson went to Russia for talks with Putin, who may or may not receive him.

The President of PRC — mainland China — was a guest of President Trump in Palm Beach on April 1st. The timing was interesting, to say the least! This was the conduit for China to tell that “bloated brat” in North Korea to be careful and back off his attempts at trying to start something that somebody else would and could finish.

These are perilous times in which we live. Projecting timidity and weakness only invites trouble. George Washington said in his first term as President: “The best way to ensure peace is to be prepared for war.”

True then, and true now, as it always has been; not unlike the text of the Constitution. America is still the greatest nation on earth, May she always remain so, for all humanity. God Bless America.

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.