In response to Josh Hoxie’s column


A recent “Their View” editorial regarding tax cuts by Josh Hoxie sounded like your typical liberal rant. BUT, he was right in one important way. Tax cuts are NOT the answer. We tried that in 1986 and we are right where we were then now.

How much we are taxed is only part of the problem. Income and corporate taxes only hurt Americans and business by making our products and services more expensive here and abroad.

Other issues that need to be dealt with to make tax reform mean anything include 1.Abolishing the corrupt and abusive government agency known as the IRS, 2.Decreasing the number of lobbyists seeking tax breaks through campaign contributions to politicians on behalf of their companies, 3. And reducing the politicians ability to control our behavior through the tax code. Until we address these issues, tax reform means nothing.

The only tax reform that fits the needs is the FairTax HR25/S18. And it currently is in the House Ways and Means Committee in DC.

Not only does the FairTax do what we need. It has a lot of positive effects. Wages immediately rise without hurting business. Increased job opportunities for all Americans. Secured funding of Social Security and Medicare. And more!

I’m asking you, my fellow citizens to take an interest and get involved. Go to and learn what you can do. Washington will only pay attention if we make them. This issue is one that they need to know we are serious about. And the time is now. Not just for ourselves, but for all future Americans.

— Frank Gilbert, Fairborn