Letters to the editor

Stick to the common issues


All candidates offer “good” input fact run for office generally for “thankless” jobs. As a small business owner operator and long time chaplain of several fraternal groups my concerns are for “spiritual” welfare of others as well as ability for all people groups to earn a good living for their families.

Having ran record number of times on county level- yet, holding 49 percent on $200 compared to my opponents $30k in election 2008 -now10 years ago may offer insight. Originally, on county level I decided to run for county commission to carry on keeping the 10 Commandments Monument on public properties.

In 1994 as I was declined life insurance‎ after I was new to selling it. Life decisions were put off especially after I sold policies to unhealthy clients. Then my mother told me to help try to save the monument on public property as a young professional man. It was believed I would not die. I ran thinking it could save my life!

I wrote to Charlton Heston, local letters, and an Independent Governors Candidate another known as America’s Funniest clown and former Campaine Manager for Hubert Humphrey. I met all of them. (Ohio Revised Code 2927.11 – 49 states same laws were protected by same laws protected flag were invalidated anti desecration laws.) Also found “All seeing eye” on monuments were not relion on public property rather an allegory symbol to the “Bill of Rights.”

I worked to protect flag/helped organize 4th of July parade.

‎ From 1996-2008 my opponents accepted large PAC money because it was perceived anyone wanting to protect flag would also be against GATT and NAFTA trade issues. It got bad.

After 49 percent fact I got life insurance as a healthy risk rating. Passion to run simply was not same. Yet, heart asking if opium epidemic, abortions and increasing drug abuse is really genocide to wipe out America’s working class?

Why cannot candidates see best, run the best to win and stick to common issues of populist and “bless the ties that bind.”

‎ — Jeff Flora of Bath Township

End gerrymandering


Ohio voters have the opportunity to end the practice of gerrymandering for our U.S. congressional districts on May 8, 2018 by passing Issue 1, which will appear on the upcoming primary ballot.

Gerrymandering, the practice of drawing political districts to favor one party over another, is about partisan political power and party politics and is detrimental to democracy. As a remedy to gerrymandering, Ohio Issue 1 was created by a coalition of both Republicans and Democrats in the Ohio state legislature and by citizen volunteers. Issue 1 gives voters the opportunity to end partisan redistricting when Ohio’s U.S. congressional districts are adjusted every ten years, as will next take place in 2020 in the wake of federal census.

A bipartisan process for drawing Ohio state legislative districts was overwhelmingly approved by Ohioans in 2015. In May 2018, Ohio’s Issue 1 will provide a bipartisan process for creating federal congressional districts. Below are the key changes that passage of Issue 1 will provide:

– Requires bipartisan approval and use of anti-gerrymandering criteria

– Limits the splitting of counties, cities, and communities

– Provides transparency by requiring public meetings of the proposed map

– Allows voters to submit redistricting maps

– Preserves the right of Ohioans to referendum

For more details and the full wording of the proposal as well as the sample ballot presentation go to: www.Ohioredistrictingreform.com, www.Fairdistrictsohio.org, www.sos.state.oh.us/globalassets/ballotboard/2018/2018_primary_issues_poster.pdf

— Kathy Swisher of Springfield